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We are entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and strategists; we are the Shahila Partners. Need help with your projects? Our goal is to provide support for our clients who need to turn ideas into successful businesses. We will develop your business ideas, and we will invest in your business to achieve the desired outcome.

Old methods of fundraising have been revolutionized by emerging technologies and the current economic paradigms. The new methods of fundraising are focused on increasing the value to beneficiaries. Our team of professionals will develop business ideas to become highly valued projects which will have a positive impact on your target consumers. We will handle the entire planning process from start to finish. Our teams of expert analysts work in collaboration with our clients to develop customized strategies that will promote the creation, launch and the growth of innovative digital products, platforms and businesses.

We are the ICO experts; our goal is to ensure that your ideas become a huge success under our guidance and mentorship from conceptualisation to the eventual launch of a model ICO. We are relentless; our job is not finished until the ICO has been successfully launched and the adequate measures have been put in place to sustain the growth of your business venture.

Partner with us to establish the future of your business.



Our team of experts and analysts are highly proficient in developing a customized initial coin offering (ICO) by applying the relevant features of the Blockchain technology. We will provide support in the developing your ideas while guiding you on how to use the best strategies to ensure your business is successful.


We understand the importance of a viable and sustainable token economy; this is why we deploy the most proficient experts to work with our clients on every project. Our team will create a professionally scripted Whitepaper and Business Plan; we will also undertake the design structure for an outstanding Token Economics and the definition of Token Allocations. The success of your ideas will also depend on the number of listings you can secure. Our services include facilitating the listing of your ICO on multiple exchanges.


The success of your Token sales depends on the extent to which you have deployed innovative technology to complement your business efforts. We will include the use of innovative and high valued technological solutions to boost your business. Our team will ensure the success of your Token sales by carrying out “end to end” tech services which include the management of product websites to ICO launch platform, the development of DApps and the creation and auditing of Smart Contracts.


Your vision for the business will influence the buying behavior of your clients. We will develop customized branding strategies that will clearly communicate the vision for your business and the value proposition to your clients. Our branding strategy will include the design of a unique logo, the creation of an impressive public image for your company; we will also develop a compelling brand story which will communicate an unmistakable value to the entire crypto community.


Your PR strategy is crucial to the public acceptance of your token sales. We will manage the digital image of your business with the aim of building a community that appreciates and actively refers your token because of the value they have received from their investments. Our PR strategies will promote your token as a highly valued asset to be desired by all investors.


Let us handle your marketing campaign. We will execute the perfect marketing strategies customized to suit your plans for business growth. Our goal is to propagate your brand to the entire crypto community through a unique distribution system that combines the features of crypto entrepreneurship and the social media. We will identify the social media preference of your target audience (Bitcoin talk, Reddit, Steemit, Telegram, Slack, Twitter or Medium) and develop our marketing campaign in the right direction.


Your business ideas need the support of a growing community online and offline. Our team of experts is highly proficient in the processes required to start and sustain the growth of a thriving community for your business. We will grow an engaging community where a strong relationship will be developed between your users and the investors on multiple channels. Our team will also execute outstanding bounty campaigns that will leverage on the strength of the media and your social network.


All our processes are executed within the provisions of the relevant regulations and compliance statutes that control the design of Tokens in different locations. We have developed a unique compliance structure to facilitate ICO issuance. With this leverage, our team can seamlessly undertake company registration, the establishment of an Escrow service in any country of your choice.


Fundraising is a major hurdle for entrepreneurs in this field, but it is an easy task for our team. We will organize effective fundraising campaigns to provide the investment you need for your business. We will develop an outstanding Pitch definition, Pre-sale Allocations, Partial Underwriting and Investors Relation Management.
Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptocurrency Services

Our Consultation Services

It will be delightful to meet with you. We are always available for a brief meeting either in person or via telephone, video conference from your location anywhere in the world. Our consultancy services have been designed to accommodate your needs such as account setup for beginners, setting up wallet security, carrying out research, and providing answers to all your general questions about cryptocurrency.

Technical Support

We have been in the business of mining Bitcoin for many years. Take advantage of our experience and our reliable payment systems to grow your business. Our technical support services are designed to help you set up your mining rigs, facilitate the integration of Bitcoin payments into your business with a standard and professional line support.

Advisory Services

If you’re looking to start your own crypto project or find help for an existing one, we offer expertise to get you on track. We can review code, give project guidance and connect you with other crypto professionals to help build your team.